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CELLRENEW® - Collagen Stem Cell Serum

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Suitable ForAll Skin Types, oily, combination, dry, acne-prone, dehydrated, sensitive, aging skin

CELLRENEW is CLEARSTEM’s original and most popular product. This stem cell serum is formulated with key ingredients like saw palmetto, green tea, and reishi mushroom, which work together to balance oil production & regulate hormonal acne. It’s perfect for all skin types.

Does your collagen serum work?
Because collagen is a big molecule, much too large to be absorbed directly into the dermis, when applied topically and when paired with activating ingredients that stimulate collagen production, it can, in fact, be highly potent. It's actually more effective to purchase and use skin care products with actives that promote collagen stimulation, such as retinol. However, the transient dehydration, flaking and redness caused by retinol may lead to hesitation by some sensitive skin users.

Regenerate, Calm, Glow

CELLRENEW is an anti-acne + anti-aging stem cell serum that regenerates the skin in multiple ways all at once. Ideal for hormonal breakouts and acne scars.

Benefits: Hormonal support in several ways! Ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, and Reishi Mushroom regulate oil production and hormonal acne, while Turmeric and B5 halt inflammation, allowing skin to re-balance and heal.

CELLRENEW stem cell serum is excellent for all skin types, including dry, mature, sensitive, acne-prone, combination, and normal.

We created this product because our clients needed a serum to fade scars and brown spots left behind after breakouts & sun exposure. It is both anti-aging AND anti-acne, calming, and completely non-toxic. Collagen stem cells along with targeted botanicals and hyaluronic acid provide the perfect formula to drastically improve the appearance of your complexion no matter what your skin is going through.

We’ve got you covered from your teens to your 90’s - enjoy!

· Instant moisture surge

· Instant firming, smoothing of wrinkles and smaller pores appearance

· Continuously stimulation of new cells formation, activation of self-collagen production

· Repair cells damage caused by environmental toxins and UV exposure

· Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation

· Aids wound and scar healing

VeganCruelty FreeHypoallergenicNon-comedogenicNo Hormonal DisruptorsNo ParabenNo fillersFragrance FreeSilicone



ClearStem專利膠原植物幹細胞複合: 即時細緻飽滿保濕,刺激皮膚細胞分裂,激活源源不絕的膠原蛋白生產線

靈芝萃取: 激活皮膚細胞自癒能力, 修復受損細胞, 讓皮膚更具活力及恢復年輕時的光澤感

綠茶萃取: 具抗菌功效, 抗氧化, 潔淨皮膚表面; 含EGCG有助控制暗瘡形成

蘆薈: 鎮靜肌膚, 降紅及舒緩敏感情況


鋸棕櫚萃取: 平衡油脂分泌, 避免醫美療程後更新清理期(Purging Stage)暗瘡粉刺爆發問題





  1. 由於產品不含填補成分, 成分分離為自然現象, 使用前請充分搖勻使成分充分混合。
  2. 取2-3泵塗勻全面, 連頸及眼周位置。輕輕按摩至完全吸收, 隨後塗上您的保濕霜即可。
  3. 可於醫美療程後使用, 能夠即時鎮靜肌膚及避免療程後暗瘡爆發及發炎等問題。


1. SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE before use. We don’t use fillers or binders, so natural separation occurs.
2. After cleaning, apply 2-3 pumps of CELLrenew over entire face. Massage into your skin for about 30 seconds. Massage motions are ideal for best results – circulation increases healing! Safe for whole face, lips and neck and eyes area. Listen closely as your skin whispers “thank you.”


CELLrenew can also be used for post peel care as well as laser treatments, microneedling, and hair removal. Whenever the skin undergoes professional exfoliation or heat treatments, there will be inflammation that needs to calmed down ASAP. The fresh skin that has been brought to the surface also needs friendly stem cells to help regenerate quickly and aid in cellular renewal. This item also has hormonal helpers like Saw Palmetto which will calm the oil glands in the hair follicles to reduce the chance of breakouts as a side-effect of the treatment. Triple win!


Hyaluronic Acid, Water/Aqua, Isopentyldiol Epilobium Angustifolium (Willowherb) Extract, Proprietary Collagen Stem Cell Formula, Proprietary Enzymes, Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi Mushroom) Extract, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Extract*, Serenoa Serrulata (Saw Palmetto/Palm Fruit) Extract, Trifolium Pratense (Clover Flower) Extract, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea Leaf) Extract*, Citrus Grandis (Pink Grapefruit Peel) Oil, Frankincense Extract, Tasmannia Lanceolata (Mountain Pepper), Kunzea Pomifera (Emu Apple/Native Cranberry Fruit) Extract, Syzygium Luehmannii (Riberry Fruit) Extract, Curcuma Kwangsiensis/Curcuma Wenyujin Rhizome (Turmeric) Extract, Panthenol (Vitamin B5). Certified Organic*


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