DermMart Giftcard

面額: HK$100


A gift care you may use any time without minimum purchase limit. 可以自由使用的電子禮品卡。


  • 適用於購買所有產品,包括特價及套裝產品。Applicable to all items, included discounted and promotion sets.
  • 沒有最低消費金額。No minimum purchase amount.
  • 不能兌換現金。Non-cashable.
  • 只適用於GLOWBIOTICS HK 官方網頁上使用。Only valid on GLOWBIOTICS HK official website.
  • 電子禮品卡使用期限為發出日計6個月。Valid for 6 months from the day of purchase. 
  • 請確保電子郵件的準確性。完成交易後,電子禮品卡編號會發送至閣下的電子郵箱。Please ensure the accuracy of your e-mail. Upon completion of purchase, the gift card in form of (a) promotion code(s) will be sent your e-mail provided. 
  • 使用時,只需於優惠碼欄輸入電子禮品卡編號系統會自動扣減金額。Input the promotion code at checkout and the discount will be calculated automatically.
  • 如有任何爭議,GLOWBIOTICS HK 保留一切使用權利。All right reserved by GLOWBIOTICS HK in case of any dispute.